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The ‘Atomic King Music’ label was created by Andreas Hauser in the beginning of 2021. It is a small, dynamic and absolutely independent music label based in Germany.
The idea is to support still unknown artists from the electronic cosmos. Instrumental electro pop, post-disco, synthwave, acid, psy, UK dub, leftfield house and techno are the genres that are preferred. The quality of the creations is kept high.
We are constantly on the lookout for talented musicians and DJ’s on the Internet and at local events. We are figure out distribution, doing marketing, promote the music, making copyright enforcement and takes care of the proper distribution of royalties. If desired, we can also
assist the artist with final mixing and mastering of the recordings. So it’s all about A&R.
As the first artist we could welcome 'godziLLA one' in our family. He is a German musician/producer from the leftfield house & techno genre.


godziLLA one

godziLLA one



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