Artist Info

I-G.Jazz (Jasper Van Tilburgh) is a Psytrance producer and DJ hailing from the forests of Belgium where he shares his love for nature with his wife, daughter and all the creatures of the great outdoors. Rooted in the underground scene in the South of Belgium and The Netherlands, his journey as a producer took off in the early 90s. Starting out, he composed music using early versions of Cubase. Jasper was also a member of the metal band “Hitherside”, which is still active today. Working as a professional photographer Jasper draws inspiration from collaborating with other artists and Psytrance producers, as well as practicing different art forms in his daily life (such as painting). For Jasper, Psytrance is an extension of his love for other people, the environment, and all living things. Listeners can expect a euphoric, energetic sound which brings you at peace with your existence!



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