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Austrian Drum and Bass Producer Wicked Phil is exceptional in many ways. Listening to his music, you hear the musical quality, production caliber, and the soul in every piece of work. And then, you discover that this maestro was born with no hands.

The physical challenges he faces everyday have had no effect on his passion for producing the music he loves. Music has accompanied him his whole life. Starting off building beats on the Roland MC-808 drum machine and the Access Virus A Synthesizer at age 16 as a fun pastime with friends, music has ultimately transformed him into a passionate perfectionist, thriving on creating driving, inspiring drum & bass music. In March 2013, Wicked Phil released his first single “Don’t Stop” and is following up with two awesome tracks, “Regeneration” / “Another Sight” in October 2013. Another exciting production from Wicked Phil called “Overdrive” blows the dirt out of the speakers and was released in April 2014.

Phil’s music, like his life story, is in fact “wicked” – awesome, incomparable, and extraordinary. His music proves his personal motto that you can create everything you imagine if you have enough courage to take hold of it.



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