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The previous years:<br /> Already in the childhood, when he was still a little boy, he grabbed the old tapes from his father and listens to the beat of the late 70ies and early 80ies.<br /> <br /> In the age of eight he used to learn home organ, afterwards he started to play keyboard. <br /> <br /> <br /> When he was twelf he took his first steps in creating mixtapes with two old cassette players and his DIY Speakersystem.<br /> <br /> Years between as DJ Steve Edison:<br /> After his first gigs on birthdays and private gigs, beside<br /> he started playing in bars, discos & clubs.<br /> <br /> One year later Steven started to produce his own Music. Tracks like 'Heartbreaker' & 'Get the Funk' got released.<br /> <br /> Part Two the following years:<br /> This was an update as Steven Vim<br /> In 2009 he made a change in his Style back from House & Electro to Trance & Progressive Music.<br /> Beside that he started several collaborations with Dj Ryan Housewell & Aven Blake and Mike O ' Sullivan under pseudonyms like Lippyfish, Pitch & Shifter and Kinderleicht.


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