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Soul-ty establihed in The Netherlands and Spain, is not just a band, it is a musical experience crossing all genres from Soul, Dance, R&B, Soulfull House, POP, including music from the 70′s,Funk, Disco,80′s, 90′s and today’s Top 40.

Throughout the combination and nawlage of two people, producer Ted Peters who has been working in the computer industry his whole life, and singer/songwriter Jeanet Dorothy Martherus whom is a well known singer and entertainer in the Netherlands, they've managed to make innovative soulful house music.

Producer Ted Peters has been working with several artist from all over the world in his studio in Rosas, Spain. All these experiences and different kinds of music and different kinds of people, drove him into the concept of Soul-ty. He wanted to make and share his music. Music where he believes in.

Singer/songwriter Jeanet Dorothy Martherus former musical performer in the Netherlands, has been singing and writing her whole life, but she never persuaded her dream to spread her word to the world.

Two people from totally different backgrounds met eachother to spread their word to the world. Soul-ty was born, is happening, and is going strong.

In cooperation with guest artists with other influences and backgrounds, they try to take Soul-ty to the next level.

Former guest artists:
- MC, vocalist and writer Angellisa Wong-a-Soy. MC at 'Pacha' Hamburg and singer at 'The winner is' the Netherlands and Germany.
- Producer and singer/songwriter Roscoe Jozefzoon. Ex constestant 'X-factor', 'The winner is' Netherlands, and has produced several songs for artists from all over Europe.





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