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Shaun Kay has spent the past two decades building an impressive resume by immersing himself in club culture around the globe. He developed his love of house music from a wisely misspent youth growing up on the beaches and clubs of South Africa and New Zealand. He couldn't wait to get behind the turntables and was soon making waves and blowing away audiences in his home city of Auckland.

In 2006, Shaun Kay set off to travel the world and ignite his passion for music and sounds from far reaches of the globe. After playing some unforgettable sets in the heady club sands and beach vibes of Koh Samui, Thailand where he played gigs at the Bauhaus club on Lamai beach and at the Green Mango super club, he finally settled in London and found himself at ease amongst its rich dance music heritage and world renowned super clubs. Here he launched his assault on the house music scene, paying his dues in smaller places before working his way up to regular slots in the cream of London's venues, sending ravers wild with his easy charm and pumping, adrenaline filled sets. Next would come a sojourn to the Mecca of house music, Ibiza, where Shaun Kay cut his teeth amongst the scenes biggest players. From here his evolution as a dj to producer was set in motion.

In the past twelve months, Shaun Kay has set up his own record label: Lite Records and from it released four original tracks. His passion for producing enthused by his rich cultural background and inspired outlook; refusing to limit himself or his vision, Shaun Kay productions are without borders or labels, comfortably straddling the sub genres of dance music. His fans can expect to hear progressive, deep house tracks sitting on an EP with euphoric floor filling EDM and tech throbbing beats. He is a creative powerhouse and is only scratching the surface of where his talent, drive and passions can take him. Many of us are waiting with baited breath for what comes next..


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