Artist Info

Serpicon3, aka Andrea, is an electronic producer hailing from Rome, Italy.
This talented musician started playing around and having fun with music in the far 1990
as a Dj. He even got a job in a club as a resident Dj in 1992.
After harvesting the fruits of this job, he invested all the money into various music instruments :
The main goal was to push his productions farther and hopefully
make big $$$ in the music industry as a dance producer.
Serpicon3 didn't reached that goal so far...
but he also never gave up with music and this is why I truly think he'll make it.

Working mostly with Reason8 to make his music, Serpicon3 has got into many various electronic genre.
Nevertheless, his public releases are only dance oriented tracks.
Surely the music trends have a big impact on his style,
but it's also important to mention that all the electronic music from the 80's
are still an even bigger inspiration for him.

Bio courtesy of thebbcmusic


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