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Ruffy (Francesco Ruffino) was born in Palermo on March 17 1982 His passion for music began at 'age of 14 when he was invited on a Sunday afternoon in a well-known local capital. Music clubs did not understand much, but when he heard that set of music techno progressive understood that it was love. Came the first console and the first vinyls started his long journey as a DJ in the electronic music. Later, with the help of friends, he had his first engagement at the disco IMPERIUM ATHENA, (YEAR 2000-2001) historic trendy techno western Sicily, thanks to the confidence of a great friend, CHARLIE BROWN. Later they began collaborating with the staff RELIGION DANCE EVENTS, MENTALSHOCK, ETERNYTY, STARLIGHT (PA), known organizations evenings trend of western Sicily, which took him to the local console known as K2, MAFRIX, KALYPSO (TP), tHE SHED (PA), reaching the club techno hardstyle of the last generation (2003/2008), the PACHA to continue playing in the future STREET PARADE CATANIA, MUZIK VILLAGE (CT) 'EXEs, ZsaZsa, GULA GULA..PAPARAZZI, BABYLON, tHE PEARL VILLAGE, SKYLAB the year was 2012 and I decided to open up a digital label "MUSIC OUT oF CONTROL ..and here to submit my sound, comes the year 2013 and joined a new crew in the DARK MATTER PARTY !!
2014 new record label DISTORTED HARD RECORD.




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