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Music fascinated me since my childhood. At first I only heard House and later came to Electronic Music and i thought. "I want to be able to do the sounds that are heard there". In 2014, I became aware of the DAW Fruity Loops for the first time. A former friend told me "Buy FL Studio then you can compose your own music". I bought a demo version of this DAW to familiarize myself with the program.
After some time I wanted more and so I decided to buy the full version.

I was willing to learn. Everywhere I rummaged for new knowledge on the Internet to learn as much as possible how I can make music. In the genres House, Dubstep, Electro House, Deep House, EDM and Hardstyle, I have acquired knowledge to get the necessary tricks and know-how.

After some time I successfully composed my first song and sent it directly to good friends what they would think of it.
Opinions differed widely and so I decided to listen to and then accept the criticisms of other people.
I thought that people's criticism could serve as a learning process for me. So I wondered what I could do to get as many opinions as possible.
I rummaged through the Internet and logged into a music community designed for that purpose.

I was surprised by the positive feedback from most users and decided to continue making music, which eventually became a hobby.





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