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Ras Martin's Talent to Sing Rap and to singing Raggastyle came out first on Reggae, Hip Hop and House-EDM Partys in the local Berlin Scene. At the Show of the legendary Jamaican Reggaestar Pablo Moses here in Berlin. Ras Martin was invited on Stage, to sing a Freestyle Duett with the Star. Later Backstage after the Show Pablo Moses adviced Ras Martin to Prod. some Demotape which happened later on into the Demostudio of some Friends. Later at a Show of the Legendary "The Wailers" Band 1992 here in Berlin, where Ras Martin was Backstage and their VIP Guest, this Tape went into the Hands of their Legendary Bassist Aston"Familyman"Barrett and he said as well come sing for me now, which Ras Martin did then Acapella and Freestyle. Following this Aston Barrett gave him all his Contacts and Invited Ras Martin to come to Kingston Jamaica to Record some Music together and this took Place in October 1993. Back in Berlin Ras Martin did Meet and Team Up with the Producer and Trumpet Player Ferry Grott of "Groove Busters Music" and they work together since then. 2004 as Ras Martin went to Jamaica again to Rec. some more Music together with Aston Barrett which took Place @ the Legendary Harry J Studio in Kingston, Capleton and his Davidhouse Camp who been at the Studio as well joined the Project and this lasts till today. 2014 Aston Jr. the Son of Aston Barrett joined the Project as well as Producer, on Drums,Keys, Bass as well and on Vocals. As well in 2001 the Legendary King Of Pop Michael Jackson did discover the Talent of Ras Martin, as a Vocalist and Producer and did decide to Work with him together ..........





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