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Both have a similar cv. They were borned in 1975 in the East part of Berlin. After 9 years of good schooling time, was in Nov 89 the next timewritable happening.
The last step of school and a new horizon of music in Berlins to celebrate the best clubszene was follow.
This time coined and let Philli Broke together with The Early Worm their first trys to make music on Commodore Amiga computer. That was Phillis way to make music. He walked the various paths of musicstudios to the current standalone devices. Today he is just producing music to get the people to get the smile.
The Early Worms introduction to the music was his first 2 turntables and a origin of his records during a england stay. He hoofed it from now through clubs.

Philli Broke and The Early Worm finished their first album after 2 yearsliving in studio.



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