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it all began in the 90s for paul starting is dj career off in the more underground clubs all round the uk playing the harder side of dance music. as the years rolled on pauls passion for music grew into an obsession. the music he played started to get a little more easy on the ears and found is bag with house music. after exploring all the styles the funkier side slowly got a little harder into the techno house vibe. after a few years he released that he needed to move to the next level. once he build his studio and spent 8 years mastering the art of music production this is when all the knowledge of countless years of listening and djin dance music is when it all came together for him as a producer. he then went and set up is own record label .DEEP N DIRTY RECORDS. the label specialises in bringing the very best in deep house,tech house,electro house and techno to djs worldwide.


for dj bookings and remixes email me at


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