Artist Info

Nyclon3 is a psychedelic trance producer based in northern Germany
In love with the fast-paced flow of life, they always searched for the best sounding Hitech.

The journey to accomplishing dreamy-sounding Hitech and Darkpsy began around 2020 when Nyclon3 settled on 180 to 220+ bpm Hitech.

My dream is, to create something new with fast Hitech, something that has never been, it’s going to be hard to accomplish what I have in mind but in the meantime enjoy the process! Feel the fast Kicks and basses while being dazzled and bewitched by the slow and dreamy melodies.

All I want is to bring people, including myself, happiness through music. I’m not a music producer who is interested in being elitist to their peers/fans. My music is a safe space for anyone and I‘m always open to talk.

Born and raised at the coast of the northern Sea - Germany
Producing Genres:
Hitech, Psycore, Darkpsy



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