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Noforix is an old dog in the psy/goa business, the genre is a cross between rock music, classical music, mainstream EDM, psy trance and full on. There's a guarantee for uprising late night dancing and rocking, with a twisted flavor and melodic moods.

Noforix started in 1999, it's a mutated project deriving from another goa project called Xvampex. The Noforix project have had various online success, and have featured in magazines and hugely played by DJ's around the world.

At the time for year 2002, the project went to a hold but kick started back up in 2009 with a main focus on the underground scene for the development of the new Noforix sound, which in 2014 found it's rightful place.



Phone: +0045 27 24 77 90
Skype: johnny.wishoff


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