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Founded in 2017, Nocona Heat cut their way through the German music landscape. They tenaciously combine rock and blues elements to create a unique style. Heavy like Led Zeppelin, psychedelic like Pink Floyd, groovy like Free. This results in honest, handmade rock music that is best enjoyed live!

Having started out as a quintet, the band has undergone many transformations. The current line-up of Daniel, Felix and Jean-Pierre, however, are passionate about their trio. Although the band only consists of guitar, bass and drums, there is a lot of sound coming off the stage. Fuzzy riffs, thundering bass and driving drums paired with two-part vocals make just as much of a difference as finely plucked melodies, smooth bass lines and delicate rhythms. It could hardly be more dynamic!

No wonder the three have been welcomed guests of bands such as Heavy Feather (SE), Suricates (AT) or Nico Chona & The Freshtones (FR). But countless club and festival gigs have also shaped Nocona Heat's music and stage presence. Listen and see for yourself...


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