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Born Moses Koketso Katsande is a producer of <br /> a different range of genres going by the aliases of <br /> lepontjo or Mozi-K at times on experimental work <br /> and I'd say I don't like to be classified is a specific <br /> genre or type of producer.<br /> Owner of MusicLaCafe de Magazine(MLCdeMag).<br /> website<br /> Born in 89 in Alexandra and now lives in Pretoria.<br /> Started producer music in 2006.<br /> My love for music and the taste of the type of <br /> music can not be justified by the music I produce,<br /> but hopefully with time I can reach a point <br /> where I can say I've arrived at the level I wanna be.



Tel: +27 12 700 1602<br /> Cell: +27 74 323 6536


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