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The musical roots of Lenz lie in the late 70th and 80th. and the music copies not wilted, but sprays freshness.
Propelling guitargrooves hit on melodies capable of catchy tune, supported by a rhythm section which presents itself in an evergreen retro garment. In order to blossom is brought this musical rock spring bunch by the voice of singer Sonja Lenz. The German texts tell brightly coloured to black and white stories - an auditive feast for the eyes.

In the beginning 90th already praised from Bavarian newspapers (rock music of the finest [BILD], octavo-strong singer Sonja - from rock-cool tube to gentle tones [Straubinger Tagblatt], property and intelligent rock music, a volume with future [Mittelbayerische Zeitung]), now the formation presents its first longplayer. If someone may think of a marriage of Angus Young with Pe Werner, another will take pleasure in zappalike rhythm changes - or listen even tensely and calmly to the great songs.




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