Artist Info

Kassie Afò, or Giulio Tosatti (producer and percussionist), makes a world music electronic commista with soul and jazz veins, in which the Afro-Cuban component is the prevailing element (Giulio Tosatti has studied percussion and traditional music both in Cuba and in Senegal).
On November 30 the first EP will be released featuring with Saret, that is Sara Geroldi who lends her voice in all 5 pieces. The work, with the same name, is anticipated by the single Kassie Afò.
La Kassa is an African rhythm originating from the Malinke people of eastern Guinea, while Afö means "play it !, say it!".
Kassie Afò is accompanied by a video that celebrates color as a vital element with strong imaginative power: at the beginning of the clip a mask appears with a green circle (the sun) and blue, yellow and red lines (the three primary colors). In addition, the various dances performed represent some of the deities of the Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban tradition.




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