Artist Info

Hubert-H started making music with some friends. As he was not 100 % satisfied with the style the new group was playing, he decided to go his own way and began to learn to play the piano and bass (autodidactic) additional to the guitar. As it is not possible, to play all instruments at the same time Hubert-H is producing his songs in the studio and resigns to perform live (for the moment). If there will be some musicians, with the same openness for various styles of music, he will do it with a band in the future.
His first record “Bonjour Mademoiselle” was broadcasted successful in France. As French Radio-stations prefer French lyrics, he will release all songs in English and French.

Hubert-H is also writing stories and poems and will record them too (in his German mother tongue), to reach a wider audience.
As a multisided artist Hubert-H is also drawing.



Hubert Haslacher
Aidenbachstraße 108
81379 München
0049(0)151/724 26 057



Lesung mit Musik im Glashaus in Grafing