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NOMADE DIGITALE (2020) "a beautiful soundtrack poised between Beatles-smelling melodies from Sgt. Pepper, sudden outbursts of rock, chamber pop and much more" IL MANIFESTO "a joyfully rock album ... with witty lyrics and captivating melodies, soiled with an almost beat and Beatlesian echoes that increase the pleasure of listening ..." VINILE "Author concept. The sound moves between Italian songwriters, a pop with vaguely psychedelic veins, some rock surges for a successful and slightly bizarre final result" CLASSIC ROCK "sound from Rino Gaetano" RUMORE "fresh and skilful pop productions ... a journey into emotions and experiences ..." ROCKIT "an effective pop that is enriched by some rock surges. The final result is more than successful." A.Bacciocchi RADIOCOOP "A songwriting album with easy appeal for an ironic and fresh vision of the world" INDIEPERCUI "... a beautiful stream of consciousness, poised between a flowing narrative rap and very captivating pop openings. To this is added a vast musical culture, which ranges from psychedelia to Beatlesian memories (as in the beautiful" Reflexology "Or in" Cronopio "), without missing rock splashes (" Mondo buffo ") or melancholy ballads (the touching" Japan ")" MESCALINA.IT "Between the unpredictable flow of consciousness and beautiful arrangements Gianluca gives us a beautiful example of post-modern songwriting" INTOPIC



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