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Future and Plan have been part of a secret neuroscience experiment aimed to prove the reality of direct communication from brain to brain, commonly known as telepathy. Far from each other more than 7.000 kilometers and linked only through sofisticate gears connected to their brains, they were able to exchange without the use of the five senses first historical words. This first telepathy conversation has been kept secret so far because of its powerful meaning but a transcript has been found and the complete sequence recently came out. It is quite certain that the opening word they were able to exchange between their minds was MUSIC. But what even most of the operators working at that moment at this historical experiment doesn't know are the following other words that they communicated between themselves: LOVES ALL. They were themselves struck by the powerful meaning their minds were transmitting to each other. Not only the experiment was unprecedented, but the result was even more striking as it proved their brains were transmitting a complete statement that changed their life. The "Music Loves All" message remained sounding in their minds as the pure enlightening truth to be shared with other people. Future started traveling the world bringing the subliminal message all around, embedded in sounds and pictures that he started disseminating on the Net and communicating to Plan. Plan immediately began organising all this material in a final form for the benefit of all running frantically on his keyboards and synths. This is how Future and Plan became Future Plan, this is how they came to real life, this is because Music Loves All, and their mission is to let you know it.



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