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About Fuimadane:
Fuimadane is a Neo Medieval, Folk, Viking, Oriental Music inspired project from the Danish guy Jon Krasheninnikoff Skarin, a man with some years of experience in electronic music - focusing on Neo Medieval, Folk, Viking, Oriental inspired music and atmosphere with a certain nordic feel.

Music has always had a tremendous impact on me. I have, as far back as i can remember, always loved music. There were always some special tapes or records my mom or dad would let me listen to just before bedtime. I've always felt most comfortable when i was surrounded by sound. My mother had a piano in the living room that i composed music on. I was not very old but i can still remember some of the themes i made back then. Back then i was not aware of what music would actually mean to me, but i do remember how much i enjoyed it. I've never learned to read music,- everything i've learned is "learned by ear". When i was about 13 years old i was involved in an accident which resulted in that i got deaf in my right ear. It ruined my career as a hockey player (i was on Denmark’s national youth team). At the same time i stopped being involved in music. I simply could not tolerate the loud sounds. But after a few years i slowly developed the desire and joy again. And here i am.




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