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Fortunato Marra aka DJ FORTYMILIONS (formerly DJ ATOMIC), was born on the 27. May 1980 in Saint Gall Switzerland.
His interest for DJ-ing began to rise at the age of 15.
It was a New Year's Eve Patry, when he realised that it was his thing to shift the crowd in to a party mood, and bring them with the right sound to ecstasy.
So he got himself all sorts of equipment and started to practice diligently. Afterwards the first assignments came soon, like the Cyber Range ZH (1996) and the Space Bar SG (1998).
In the year of 1998 he produced his first track for the House of Jeans. His range evolved from House back then, to absolutely hip Mini-Tech-House and Progressiv-Sound now.
Among his performance you can always find some of his own productions to hear, because that's where his current focus lies.

Live and in colour. Deep plus, Broadband Techno plus, and Massive Bass!
Pushing beats, thrilling hooklines, and always on full throttle.
With his over excessive massive Set , Fortymillions turns heads and moves feet everywhere he performs.

Here are some references where i have layed my sounds yet

- Clubs/Bars/Events/Radio

- Baracca
- Kugl
- Grabenhalle
- Galleria
- Spacebar
- Cultlounge
- Seepromenade
- Cyber Range
- Angels
- Il Paparazzo
- Qyps
- Höfli-Pub
- Strandhouse
- Baracca
- Seger
- Roxy
- Ozon
- Cesars
- FM4
- Cabaret Culture
- Fortschritt
- Altra dimensione
- Extreme House
- 4 Takt
- Studio 15
- Digitaly Importet- Music- DJMIX


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