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Fabrizio Zanotti was born in Ivrea (TO) Italy. At the age of six he began to play the guitar, inspired by great singer-songwriters such as Fabrizio De Andrè, Ivano Fossati, but also song-writers from overseas such as Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Donovan, Joan Baez, U2 and Bruce Springsteen. He began to write songs very soon afterwards, took lessons in vocal technique and elaborated a series of projects in time.
In 1991 he formed the “Fabry & Banny” duo, which played North American folk music and recorded the live album “Country Party”. The duo was invited to Roberto Manfredi’s television program “Segnali di fumo” (Smoke Signals) on Videomusic. Numerous concerts all over Italy and abroad enabled Fabrizio to quickly gain a lot of experience in live music. In 1993, “Fabry & Banny” were the only Italian group to be invited to the “American Saloon Show” held in Geneva, together with leading international exponents of this kind of music.
In 1996 he formed “Stazione Marconi”, a band of 5 musicians and wrote the album “Viaggiatori” (Travellers), published in 1999 and well acclaimed by the critics. The band held concerts in many squares all overItaly, from Piedmont to Puglia.
In 2002, he created “Senzalenza”, an Italian auteur music project. The resulting album, entitled “Schegge” (Splinters), was recorded with the intention of bringing music and solidarity to the population of the Molise region hit by an earthquake and holding a mini tour of concerts in the fields.
His close collaboration with Lino Ricco gave rise to the show entitled “Sarò libero, musica e pittura dal vivo” (I’ll be free, live music and painting), a preview of which was presented at the 70th grape festival in Caluso (Italy) together with Avion Travel and then in Piazza Castello,Turin. Fabrizio was the support singer at concerts held by Mauro Pagani, Cristiano De Andrè, Tazenda, Giorgio Conte, Claudio Lolli and took part in a large number of shows and festivals including the Naples Festival.
His native passion for committed cinema led to Zanotti elaborating another project in 2003, which took the form of a film called “Sacco e Vanzetti” by Giuliano Montaldo, an interactive show in which music and cinema, history and ideals mingle together in an original manner. The “Sacco and Vanzetti, love songs and freedom” show also led to the formation of “Foce Carmosina”, a band in which Lino Ricco wrote and sang songs with Fabrizio. The interest aroused in the critics is summed up well by an undergraduate dissertation on the originality of language used in shows, which was presented at the Rome offices of Rai Cinema, and at theatres such as the “Sistina” theatre in Rome, festivals and squares all overItaly obtaining great success everywhere. In 2004, the Dvd of the “Sacco e Vanzetti, Love songs and freedom” show was printed and distributed in 30,000 copies as a supplement to the national newspaper “L’Unità”.
In 2005, Fabrizio wrote “Poco di buono” (Good for nothing), a song dedicated to the Resistance and inspired by the sabotage of the railway bridge in Ivrea that took place on 24th December 1944. The track was recorded with Claudio Lolli and broadcast from the offices of the daily newspaper “Liberazione”. The song was put in for the competition for the 2005 Tenco prize and was included and sung by Claudio Lolli in his album, “La scoperta dell’America” (The Discovery of America).
“Il ragno nella stanza” (the spider in the room) (Storie di note, 2007) is Fabrizio Zanotti’s first album as a solo artist. The attention that the disk pays to pacifism and multiethnic issues earnt Fabrizio Zanotti, last August, an invitation to the International Cooperation for Memory, a week of meetings and round tables held in Srebreniça, a place emblematic of the violence perpetrated during the Bosnia war and the scene of the worst European genocide since the Holocaust. Fabrizio played emblematic tracks such as “A Mostar”, “Facce di fango” and “Matrioska” on stage at the Srebrenica Youth Centre. “Pensieri corti“ (short thoughts) (Storie di note, 2010) is the second cd.
Then he produced "Sarò libero!" (I'll be free) (Fabrika Musika, 2012) a live album recorded during a concert held at the Teatro Giacosa in Ivrea including the arranger and guitarist Matteo Nahum, the string quartet "Lorenzo Perosi" and the Bajolese choir .
“Dieci dita” (Ten fingers) (Fabrika Musika, 2014) is an EP inspired by the story of his friend Paola Gianotti to make the trip around the world on a bike. A journey not only with the aim to break a record, but also to send a message of hope for the future of our planet.



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