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DOME & Der Holtz found himself at a young age and have remained good friends today. They decided in 2007 to rock the first time together on the turntables. Many a time you have proven that this combination works perfectly. The first appearance is now already a while back. 2009 thrilled the crowd at Club Soho with your sounds. From this point on, things took their course. Meanwhile, the two have proved on several events and festivals, what they can do. The laying before the public is not one of the only talent of the two. Professional music production are also part of your repertoire that they incorporate into your sets. Their first EP was released in 2011 and was thus the first release, with which they have even made it into the compilation of the Creators of Techno. The compilation includes, but is very well-known DJs. Of course, further performances and productions will follow in the near future.


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