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His real name: Emiliano Venturi, since 1997 he's into italian industrial techno scene.<br /> From 2000 to 2003 is a member of the Milan Speedcore Project, a Dj/live act group ranging from techno to electro-speedcore more extreme.<br /> <br /> He has performed at numerous events and clubs in Italy and abroad, just to name a few Hotter Than Hell 02, Energy 2002, Masters of Hardcore in Italy, Dominator Festival, Hardcore Nation 2002, Nation Global Rave party 2002, D-Boy Invasion 1 -2-3 in Switzerland and Florida and Number One club in Brescia.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Currently promoter of events under, innovative group featuring genres ranging from Hardtechno-Schranz to most extreme industrial, perhaps one of the few landmarks in Northern Italy for this so underground styles.<br /> <br /> Founder of Not Easy Tunes Records, a project launched in 2003, with several productions behind him in which he participated as well as dj unscarred, Akira, Tense, Koney, mutant, Cemtex. <br /> In addition to N.e.Tunes Records, his tracks appear on Thunderdome, united hardcore forces compilation, GGM, this is terror, Mascha records and Sonic pollution.<br /> For a complete list of releases:





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