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I saw the light of day in the month of May, it was the eleventh and thus took the

Things of my life take its course.

During my school days I noticed my fondness for music, however, it was not hear the music alone, but was more interested in working on the music, but most importantly how does it develop?
So I took some time later in contact with various artists.

Then, before I knew it, I was in a recording studio and was allowed from start to
Experience end, as created a music production: That is, as the emergence of the music, the song itself and the song into a whole be.

All this fascinated me so much that I immediately knew I would try it once!

So I took my first demos, and from then on I knew that I wanted to strengthen my way into the music industry.
There followed the first small appearances on birthday or
Club parties, talent shows, etc. However, over time the performances were getting bigger.

Today, they are held in marquees, at gala shows and town festivals, but like I step also still on for smaller events. I think there's always something Familiar.

To try myself in other areas of music, I was as
Moderator on many live events operate or as a DJ in the areas of Fox, House,

Dance Floor etc. I have been using and for other artists in the studio for music productions

Also in artist management, I worked and had for some artists management
All this has always given me a lot of joy but in the end I have
found myself and know that it is my goal to singing and for many years on the
To be able to stand stage to entertain the audience my music.

Meanwhile, I also work as a lyricist, composer and producer.

2008 Gold Award for the song "You feel it too as I am".

In 2009, I founded my studio under the label

D,,. F. - Project ", where I produce their own projects of different music styles.

In September 2010, I took David Morris under contract. With him, I produced the RnB song "I'm alone ..."

Since May 2011 I work mainly again more of my solo productions.



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