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It was definitely a state of emergency before 1999. Psytrance was 'infected' with spiritualism of all kinds: Shiva, Shanti, Vishnu, Buddha and Krishna were dominating the scene. To counter this, something had to happen and so, Dancingdevil came to life. He aimed to portray the sober but freaky sound of Psytrance again, that makes is so genuine and special.
Three albums and two EP's were released on Dancingdevil Records between 2001 and 2004: Journey, Kein Signal and Dark Angel.
'Wired And Ready' was the first official album (2005, Woodroom Records Switzerland).
Since then, the sound of Psytrance has shifted from a pure progressive style into something rather trance-like and technological standards have also become impressive.

So everything would be absolutely fine if not... these pop-trance hi-tech tracks all sounded alike. The same structures and samples are used over and over again, so that it is impossible to distinguish one producer from the other. To put it in a nutshell: There is an overwhelming lack of individuality in producing Psytrance, although technology provides possibilities that we were only dreaming about a few years ago.

These circumstances are a 'Call of Duty' for Dancingdevil: Going a step further using all the new technological stuff but at the same time travelling back to the origins of Psytrance and Progressive-Trance.
'Forward into the Past' was the second Album released on Woodroom in 2008.
Asked about it, Dancing Devil only said: 'Imagine your Grandma's old Chilli Con Carne recipe cooked in a brand new hi-tech kitchen and finally perfected with a dash of very hot spice.'

After a short break it is now again time for new and fresh sounds of Dancingedevil.
Scream Jihaaa and run for your life ... the Devil is back again!


Highway to Mars

Highway to Mars
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