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DJ Black was born in 1979 as Omar Naim. As a native Afghan. He began in 1995 with Djing around the Stuttgart area.

Since 1997, he put on various events in clubs and discos on National and International (Proton - Stuttgart, Perkins Park - Stuttgart, City Department - Stuttgart, Club Liberty - Ulm, Casablaca - Pforzheim, Flash - Pforzheim, Cream 21 - Heilbronn, K7 - Zurich, B2 - Hamburg, Orange Club - Mannheim + Kiel, B29-Schwäbisch Gmünd, 2 Club - Schwäbisch Hall, Kiss - Aalen, people, etc. His references include giants of the music industry such as LL Cool J (opener), Snoop Dogg, Xzibit , Trillville, Jay-Z Album Release, Soulja Boy, KRS-ONE, Ying Yang Twinz, DJ KOOL, Young LA, Crime Mobb, Young Hot Rod (G-Unit), Petey Pablo, Fatman Scoop, Levi Little (Black Street) Shai, Lumidee, Darnell, DJ T-Luv (Missy Elliott), DJ Woggie (G-Unit), DJ Tommekk, Kool Savas, D-Flame, KAAS, Olli Banjo, Dubb Affiliation and Azad on.

In 2004 he became the CEO of the Fellaz Magazine (the most famous scene magazine in the Stuttgart area) network. He recognized the talent and took him into his "Fellaz DJ Crew" on. There followed postings and his own party ranks.

In early 2004, DJ Black took his place among the creative minds of his crew. Since then, he is "Official DJ" of Dubb Affiliation. From that time, he produces his own beats and Germany actively supports the team with new ideas.

Also, the current musical trend of the house scene is not completely insensitive to it. So it was that he also recorded some tracks in 2009 -2012.

His latest project is now to break into the game on an international level. With him Dubb Affiliation, which consist of Victor Caro (Dubb-Ro) and Thomas Williams (Catpro), that will soon change the music industry. For these artist he is the official DJ. They will soon shoot a video in which DJ BLACK is producing and starring in. The project also consist of Dubb Affiliation and an album by DJ Black forthcoming.

He also is working on his new mixtape that will be published?? We are all waiting anxiously next to his train? But whatever, he got the ball rolling on and nothing will stop him!


+49 177 3780048


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