Artist Info

Crystin Fawn also known as Crystin is a female composer / lyricist / singer / music producer of acoustic & electronic tracks & atmospheres. Her studio is based in Düsseldorf (Germany) (coincidentally in the house where the cover art of Kraftwerk’s - Menschmaschine was created). She releases songs as a solo artist (Crystin / Crystin Fawn) as the sister part of the twin acoustic-band @the sea & the sun as well as the electronic project Hearhere. Her latest instrumental solo projects Absence Of Doubt and C42 stand for melancholy soundscapes - used for films and gaming or staging dramaturgy.
In 2018 Crystin Fawn has the huge joy and the honor of having produced the loungy Zusammen feat. Clueso (feat. Clueso) Sundowner-Remix of the hit single Zusammen feat. Clueso of Die Fantastischen Vier and of their essentially relevant song "Endzeitstimmung“ (So sieht’s aus - Remix). She also writes and produces music for theatre and soundtracks for cinema films, compilation tracks for Electric Lounge and Café del Mar.




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