Artist Info

Cosmic SideKick is the Psytrance project of Frans Brooks, hailing from Pretoria, South Africa. Shortly after his first encounter with Psytrance, late in 2016, Cosmic SideKick was interested creating the music himself. To date Cosmic SideKick has played at Stomp Nation, Liquid Hive, and Odyssey Tribe parties in Pretoria and Hanoi, respectively.
Cosmic SideKick has also played his own productions at these parties and you can always expect to hear his latest tracks at performances. His stylistic interests vary from slick Progressive Psytrance with rolling basslines, Psytrance to a more psychedelic, day-time Fullon style (up to 146BPM).
Cosmic SideKick draws inspiration from mighty artists such as Genetrick, One Function, Yestermorrow, Faders, Outsiders, Imagine Mars, and Shivatree to name but a few. However, he is always looking for new music from the realms of the unknown to deliver a refreshing experience. As such, you can expect top notch track selection coupled with the vision to build an experience throughout the progression of a set. His seamless integration of the music delivers a non-stop dance experience, which will undoubtedly make you dance the music into the ground.



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