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CJ Cold, is the new project by Austrian-based composer and music producer Etienne Garde best known for his project "DJ Gard". In 2012 & 2020 founded his own label's Trance Nature Recordings and DNA Revolutions Recordings. It is focused on the genre of "Trance & EDM" and is supported by artists from around the world.



Trance Nature Recordings / DNA Revolutions Recordings<br /> <br /> To submit a demo to us, just simply send this by e-mail. Please note that you are not submitting more than 3 tracks (only your best) and make sure the e-mail is no larger than 10 MB (total). For larger files, it is recommended to upload your files to the Internet and send us just the download-link. Please send us also a few infos about you / the artist / the band and possibly a photo. <br /> <br /> Send your Demo to: <br /><br /> Please only &quot;MP3 (320 kBit/s)&quot; <br /> <br /> Contact &amp; Licensing: <br /><br /> <br /> Note: All submitted demos will be heard and examined by us. Should we be interested in a title or artist / band, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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