Artist Info

His music roots are the 80´s with his Synthie-Pop, Independent and Punk sounds.
The beginning of Acid House and the first Techno Anthems inspired him very much. The Hype of techno couldn´t be stopped and in Hessen, a legendary club called "Aufschwung Ost" hat opened his gates. This club was Lauber´s Homebase

He start as a DJ in the 90´s. In a short time he became a local hero but his wish was to create his own sound. He started to produce in 1998 and his firs promo release came out in 2000. More and more Lauber developed until today his own distinctive sound. In 2009 he founded his own Label "Bassnation Records".
With his Team-Spirit and his passion to hand down his knowledge as a DJ and producer to young newcomer let him come together in 2011 with the Ruhrstadt Records Crew. Tuned to the same wavelength...



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