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My name is Andrea Castello and I was born in 1986 in Vicenza, when Queen were playing at Wembley stadium in London, when Madonna made her debut with "True Blue" album, when the "Boom" was a landmark for the night-life in Vicenza.What to say. I touched the keys of the first piano at the age of 10 in a famous hotel in Vicenza , then my mother understood that nobody taught me how to play "Jingle Bells" but I was able to play it, and that was the strange thing. I've been sent to a music school, first to private tutor and then I attended the conservatory. I decided to organize my first parish party starting with two compact discs and a live mixer. The next day I was contacted by a lot of families, that were shocked about my event; too much transgressive for those conformists. I took this experience as a reason to improve and, updating myself in musical and technological environment, I opened my first disco-bar at the age of 20 called "En Plein Air" in Vicenza, where I took care of the artistic direction and management. Being the owner of a bar required big responsabilities that allowed me to develop administrative expertise. In 2012 I met Alberto Seganfreddo with whom I created an artistic collaboration that gave me the opportunity to combine my music with his painting. Vood idea was born in Formentera, a place that inspired me to create a "source of artistic ideas" that I named Factory. After a time off I decided to restart to cultivate my passion for music concretely, launching my registration studio, where I can express my art introducing a new musical style.



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