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Amadeus published 2 Poetry-books when he entered on the Baltic coast as entertainer. There he moderated, acted, and spent the nights by writing & composing Musicals. His first successful stageplay, "Herzlich Willkommen Sternenkind" was published in 2010 with "Starkids" a children choir. More than 3000 copies were sold in the first weeks.
Kids & also parents like this lovely story about a little star who wants to come to earth as a human kind.
Amadeus continues composing and writing 3 other musicals presented to the public: Further projects will following.
Also available: Script Stageplay "Herzlich Willkommen Sternenkind" including score for all songs(Arrangement: easy )



Herzlich Willkommen Sternenkind

Herzlich Willkommen Sternenkind
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