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Dj, composer and producer from west side of Poland (Zielona Gora). He`s in love with music since He was twelve. He started his journey from mixing cd player with tape player and through the years he landed as a Club Dj when He was eighteen by playing short set`s on a Cdj`s. As his knowledge grow up He started to express himself behind the turntables - "Cd`s can give you freedom, but with vinyl you can literally touch the sound you are playing at that moment" - as he used to say.
Starting from very light Latino House rhythm`s He found himself into Deep/Tech/Progressive House but very often in his sets you can hear Minimal and pure Techno element`s.
As a very creative person he wanted to do something else - He started to produce His own tracks. It took Him couple of year`s to know how to do it but with Dj knowledge it wasn`t too hard.
At the moment Alexander Jozefovicz is living, working and producing in the United Kingdom but also from time to time He`s coming back to Poland to play a gig.
In Hi`s music He wanted to give listeners peace, He want to put you on top of the cloud`s and give you some relax with a little bit of energizing beat.



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Free Memories
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