Artist Info

Maximiliano Faccio aka ARKFY, is an Italian musician and composer, especially of IDM and Techno since the early ‘90s, and record producer. He approached electronic music at a young age, thanks to his father who introduced him to the electronic European sound of Brian Eno and of bands such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

It was in 1990 when he started listening to the work of labels such as R&S and Warp at first, then KK and Novamute. These productions inspired and altered his music taste leading him to buy the first of a long list of music equipment to craft his own unique sound.

The rave culture that was spreading in Europe, and particularly in Italy, in those years gave him the opportunity to perform live at several events and to meet international artists.
He became known for his collaboration with wha?roots recordings, Made in Italo, Mezzotinto and Fabric Records.
2018 is the year when he founded his own label, AKMA Records, to present his personal and most intimate works. His music style ranges from IDM to Techno to Ambient.




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