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The music industry is in a state of rapid change. Streaming has long replaced traditional formats and the big players in social networks have been pushing their way onto the market for some time, above all Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram. At Feiyr, we always try to be involved in new developments from the very beginning. Thus we maintain close relationships with the social networks in order to give you and your music access to these important platforms. You can find out how to do this on this page.
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My music on Instagram

As you may have noticed, Instagram has been making music titles available for some time now. Using songs in Stories is particularly popular within the world's fastest growing social network.
At Feiyr, we work closely with Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram to help you get the most out of your music. Want to make your music available on Instagram? No problem. Facebook and Instagram can be selected as platforms during the publishing process. This ensures that your content is also available there. Both platforms together currently have over 2.4 billion active users (as of July 2019)! An unbelievable potential to spread your songs.

How to place your own music on Instagram Stories

Once your new release has been published, you want to draw attention to it. If Facebook / Instagram have been selected during the publishing process and music is also available in your country via Instagram, there is nothing to stop it from being included in a story. Either use the music sticker or tap the "Music" tab and search for your title. Select the title and you have already added your own music to your Instagram story.
Alternatively, you can search your song at Spotify and share it directly within the Insta Story.

My music on Facebook

Facebook also has big plans for the future in the music sector. Feiyr has been there from the beginning and delivers your songs to the database of the world's largest social network. Facebook is working on a whole series of apps that will enable the creative use of music. One example is "Lip Sync Live" - a very popular app that allows your fans to perform to your songs within live videos.

Facebook monetization

With several billion users, a lot of music is obviously uploaded - not infrequently with high call numbers. Delivering music to Facebook and creating a digital fingerprint, like with YouTube's Content ID program, ensures that you stay in control of your content. For example, you can have a song denied or restricted to certain Facebook pages. In the future, it is expected that the model will also be used to distribute any advertising revenue. In any case, you should take advantage of this opportunity and deliver your content to Facebook / Instagram via Feiyr from the very beginning, thus ensuring that you do not miss out on any new developments.
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