Spotify DJ Mixes

Dear Feiyr User,

Spotify recently announced that DJ Mixes will now be made available on their platform. The service will initially be available in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, but will soon be available in other countries.
Currently, it is not yet possible to upload DJ mixes to Spotify. For the time being, this service is only available for DJs selected by Spotify. It remains to be seen whether Spotify will open this service to the entire market in the future.

However, we have been in contact with Spotify for quite some time regarding the authorization of our catalogue for DJ mixes and we are glad that it is now also possible to make your tracks available via the Feiyr account. This means that your tracks will be available to those DJs selected by Spotify for their mixes, if this is wanted by you.
To do this, you need to share individual tracks or your entire catalogue in your account under "Music -> Tools & Services -> Monetization -> Spotify DJ Mixes":

We recommend that you take advantage of this great opportunity and authorize all of your content if possible. With a bit of luck, you might end up in the mix of a well-known DJ. Plays from DJ Mixes will of course be monetized and paid for in the same way as all other streams on Spotify

Best regards,
Your Feiyr Team
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