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summernight music - celebrate the summer even when it's over!

Music should evoke the feeling of joy and happiness and bring the people of our world a little bit more together, aside from any cultural or national interests. Music should deliver the feeling of hope and should remind people that there are too many moments in life where people have to be sad. So why should people resign of those things which they can do best? - enjoy life together with other people and contribute in the new era of love around the globe. That is what music is all about.

Consequently the aim of summernight music is to create and to publish tracks of happy and joyful taste, touched by elements of the summer - maybe the most beautiful time in the year.
We understand music as an instinctive and irreplaceable property of a human's life. That is why we do our best when creating tracks to emphasize the fact that it is worth to live every single day, because every single day brings us new forms of joy by listening to music. Summernight music's job is to deliver high quality dance & electro tracks in order to satisfy the people's will to dance and to celebrate life.

Our vision is to have a large impact on the music market and to establish a brand which will be known as the global dance machine, to breed famous tracks which will be played around the world and every man will love dancing to them. We know that there are millions of other labels out there, but we want to be the label which will have created a new star in the dance heaven - CJ molotov.


Cj Molotov

Cj Molotov


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