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Welcome to the future of electronic music - NEXTSEVEN RECORDS! Our label is the catalyst for groundbreaking techno sounds and electronic sonic experiences that push the boundaries of imagination.

Our state-of-the-art studio also enables young artists and DJs to produce music. With over 30 years of event and marketing experience, we provide comprehensive support.

At NEXTSEVEN RECORDS, it's about more than just music. We are the creators of soundscapes that captivate the senses and set bodies in motion. From pulsating basslines to hypnotic synthesizers, our tracks are a manifesto of the innovative energy that defines techno.

Our network encompasses a variety of talented DJs and producers who have their fingers on the pulse of time and profoundly influence the electronic music scene. With each release, we rewrite the history of electronic music and make dancefloors tremble.

NEXTSEVEN RECORDS represents avant-garde sound that transports listeners to other dimensions. Our tracks are at the heart of the electronic subculture, filling clubs with electrifying atmosphere. This is where the pulse of the night is born.

Immerse yourself in our sonic future and experience the rush of the techno revolution. NEXTSEVEN RECORDS sets the pace for futuristic beats that put dancers in an ecstatic state. Join us and let yourself be carried away by our releases.

Whether you're an experienced raver or a curious music lover, at NEXTSEVEN RECORDS, you are part of a community that redefines the electronic music scene. We stand for creative freedom, cross-genre experimentation, and an unbridled passion for techno.

Welcome to the next level of electronic music. NEXTSEVEN RECORDS - where the beat is the future.



Inhaber: Bernd Ehrhardt
Nordeckstraße 11
95346 Stadtsteinach
Mobil: 0152 53370597

Steuernummer: 229/214/00334
Ust-idNr.: DE271087382


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