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N.O.U.S. Records is a young independent techno label and was founded on July 1st, 2017 by Peter Ulrich (Ulrich S.o.l.o) and Enrico Heldt (N.O.). Primarily stands N.O.U.S. for Enno (N.O.) and Ulrich S.o.l.o (U.S.), but at the same time, it also comes from the French and means "we". And that is exactly what the label wants to stand for, for „we“, for a community of artists with love and passion for the electronic music. The label is based in Greifswald in the north-east of Germany and it is intended to serve young up-and-coming, also as well as established artists as a platform for publishing their works.
Both founders have been strongly associated with the electronic music since the late '90s and already in the early 2000s they begann their musical work as Dj's. Then, about 4 years ago, they started with producing music. This brought the two even closer together and then led to the founding of the label just over a year ago.
The musical origins of the two are Techno and House, but of course their style has gone through many sub-genres over the years too. But independent of this, some elements of their music, always were remained untouched of this changing. So always there were crisp and space-filling kicks and baselines paired with deep and concise synths and vocals in all their tracks. Therefore it is why this forms, together with the personal attitude of the two, which is characterized by an extremely high own claim and strong self-criticism, the base of the label.
In the hope, that what has been created to this day, continue to appeal to the listener, the aim of the labels is to grow, and establish themselves on the market. So in this context so recently, a few promising young artists, could be won for the label. However, with the knowledge that nowadays the market is very diverse and fast-paced, therefore it is even more important not to be satisfied with the reached, but to continue to work hard, to develop yourself.






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