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In 2001 Grooveline started as a record shop in Lisbon, and to promote more itself into the music business field, Grooveline managed to build a studio to broadcast artists transmitting image as well as audio to the internet.<br>With the music business depression in 2003 Grooveline started to give priority to the internet, focused opening a records shop website which had digital mp3 products as well as Vinyl CDs/Dvds Merchandising. Due to the uniform market mainly in the digital commerce, Grooveline is not working no more as a records shop,
Grooveline now days focus in the artist mass, promoting and selecting broadcasting via internet the Live work of the artists in Gigs and Performances.<br>
Working now as a label most in the Deep and Dub-techno, Grooveline is original and selective with no rule to music directions.
The Label is a source of Inspiration.<br>


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