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In chiller Boss (eigendlich Daniel Krause) is one of the most controversial German rappers. The 1991-born son of a German Eutin growing up without a father when his single mother in Windeck since late 2009 and is active with German rap. Rap boss comes to chiller about Bushido, however, it has fascinated him everything. Here he also learns how man must get across. His first publication in 2010, he has made ​​Youtube, Shortly after he makes his first tape with the title "in good times and bad, which brings him in the friend circle a lot of recognition. Early chiller boss falls through extremely tough, controversial and offensive language on. which are, however, the decisive push to go on and on and aufzutretten with several rappers.'s claim to be good races (I am struggling with passion of victory, with pride, lose with respect, but never give up.

In 2011, it brings out the second tape with the name (Sad But True), and he works at the three grade tape.






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