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How can I assging a Spotify Artist ID?

In order to assign a contributor to the correct artist profile on Spotify, the Artist ID of Spotify must be stored.

When you create a new artist, you will be provided with a field to enter the ID. If it is an already existing artist you can edit it here:
Contributor Management

By clicking on "Suggest IDs" automatic suggestions for the registered artist will be generated. Please check if it is the correct profile by clicking "Click here to verify!" under the ID.
Please make sure that the spelling of the artist on the portal and that of Feiyr is exactly the same. Otherwise a link is not possible.

If the artist does not have a release or profile on Spotify yet, please wait for the first release including this contributor. Spotify will then automatically create a profile for the artist.

If you want to enter or correct the IDs yourself, please proceed as follows:

1. Search for the desired artist profile on Spotify
2. Click on the options icon with the three dots under the artist name
3. Click on "Copy Spotify URI" in the drop-down menu under "Share"
4. Insert the copied ID in the field in Feiyr
5. Save form

All releases that will be delivered with this contributor in the future will be assigned to the artist profile on Spotify.

If you would like to have control over the design of an artist profile on Spotify, register with Spotify for Artists.