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Yohmss is both pianist and musician DJ. Label founder Apoxis, this artist-like amysterious long history with music.

At age 12 he began the stage in a group »rock / cold wave » playing keyboards with his brother and his best friend. This experience gave him the desire to further the study ofmusic, and so he began studying music at the conservatory of Albi and Toulouse, where he taught writing and harmony of classical music and electroacoustic. At the same timehe studied Jazz, who developed his taste for groove and improvisation

Yohmss began his career as a composer of electronic music in all genres in the early 90s. Pianist and keyboard in various bands, he became programmer synthesizers, midifiles sequences, orchestrator and arranger for various bands and studios in southern France.

After a stint as a professor of computer music at the Conservatory and composer of film music, he decided to drop everything to finally put forward by playing live in his compositions.

Since September 2010, Yohmss teamed with Alex Escalofrio to form a duo under the name of »SOUTHERN SOUL » and with whom he runs the label Apoxis Records.



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