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Wime is a project of David Veronesi with Roberta Brighi, Elisa Lomazzi, Edoardo Sansonne, Giacomo De bona, Giulio Tosatti, Alessandro Borgini.
Wime is the mask he wears, wime is a feeling.
Every person, fragment of life, idea has a wime, a shade, a color. Is a quest of identity, of rest, of a place of peace where to exist. Every song is a confession, a way to forgive, with the strong belief that mistakes arewhat make us unique. Produced in a world that lies between dreams and reality, where everything is made of doubtsand where every answer leads to new questions.

David David Veronesi was born in 1988 in Verbania. Son of a musician, he immediately falls in love with music.
He loves to experiment and look for new ways to express himself.



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