Artist Info

Young Wildpitcher from Salzburg discovered his passion for hard electronic music with 17 years through his friend, the Cave Club resident Mindtripper. Soon he swapped his Playstation 2 for a pair of Gemini turntables. His ambition lead him to Hardgroovs Events in 2004. After a big loss in his personal life he retired for a few years. One of his best friends, Adrian Valera brought him back to the scene in 2009. Since then Wildpitcher has been very ambitous: He established Subnoise Events, a regular event series for techno/hardtechno parties. Apart from that he started his own label Crastin Records. Together with Rene Reiter and Miss Kosmix he released Crastin 1 and 2 and there is plenty more to come in the near future!

Wildpitcher already played in innumerable locations in Austria and the whole world. Apart from every serious techno club in Austria, especially the Cave Club (Salzburg, AT) and Cembran Keller (Linz, AT) he rocked Sonic (Plating, Germany) Strobe Club (Munich, Germany), Diesel Club (Hungary) and Nature One Festival.

Wildpitcher has shared his place behind the turntables with a lot of international Djs: Felix Kröcher, Frank Kvitta, Amok, Sven Wittekind, DJ Murphy, Pet Dou, Arkus.P ,Bazz Dee, Krischmann & Klingenberg, Space Djz, Alex TB, Bruce, Fergis, Toni Rios, Marco Remus,
Frank Prins, Waldhaus, Weichentechnikk, Dean Rodell, Tube Tech, The Hororist, Miss Kosmix, Jeff Amadeus, Andre Frauenstein, Nitram, Svetec, Sepromatiq, Tilthammer, Kaoz, Sandy Warez, FL-X, Marcel Costeau, Psychodrums, Maddox, Destroyer, Hammond, Monstermush, Dark Fork, Hexor, Mhonolog,Boris S., Paul Langley, Obi aka Tobias Lüke, Linda Pearl, Mario Ranieri, Tomash Gee, Claudia Gawlas, Bd Funkstar and a whole lot more!




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