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Wasscass (*1977) - also known as al cutter in the early days - is a DJ,producer and head of the label “Klangklar records” from Stuttgart, Germany.His motto until today: underground.Records from Tommi Stumpff, Nitzer Ebb, Front Line Assembly and cubic22 fromBerlin introduced him into the world of electronic music.The era of EBM and Techno was born.While the Frontpage magazine promoted East Berlin’s Tekknozid parties, theacid house sound from clubs like Ufo, Walfisch or Tresor could not competewith Frankfurt’s trance sound from DJ Dag and Co that Wasscass saw so much morepotential in. He bought his first turntables and mixer in 1992, kicking off hisDJ career in August 1993 with his very own gig as al cutter in club Cindy in Tübingen.Wasscass started the evening with a massive 15 minute intro followed by a 6-hour gabbaand hardcore set. Meeting Sven Väth in the early 90s in Stuttgart’s No. 1 techno clubOz opened the door for a gig at 1994’s Futuresonic party, where Wasscass performeda highly successful set with 4 decks simultaneously.Another milestone was about to follow in 1999, when the famous DJ and produceropened his first own club that was about to rule the nightlife in SouthernGermany for the following years.After closing, Wasscass retired from DJing until 2007, coming back even biggerwith numerous gigs around the world in Europe and the US. He showed hisversatility at the 2008 trance convention in Brasil, marking anotherpeak in his career when playing the kaZantip festival.Wasscass started producing own tracks in 1996, reflecting his passion forunderground far from the standard stuff. While playing finest sounds inclubs and radio, he was however never determined to a certain genre.By now Wasscass is the mastermind behind several projects of all kinds ofstyles - melting synthi sounds with electro beats and all bearing hisspecial signature: underground.



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