Artist Info

Tomislav Kriksic better known as Tom Scream is a 22 year old producer/DJ from Ogulin, Croatia!
At the age of 15, Tom Scream started experimenting with music when he got his first version of Fruity Loops. The rest was history and music quickly took over his life. Currently, Tomislav has produced lot of of hard-hitting tracks in the genres progressive house, electro house and house!...
His main goal is to enjoy in making music and play it to masses. He has a lot of potential and talent and he don`t mean to stop his dream!!
With the creation of more and more beautiful and banging tracks, Tomislav has ensured himself to be the next rising star in the EDM world. In the coming months & years, do not lose sight of Tom Scream; his journey from bedroom producer to worldwide star is just around the corner!
A day without music is a lost day !



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